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Destination Marketing And Tourism Development

In 2016 and 2017 we were hired by USAID BGI, an American government agency to help promote tourism in Kyrgyzstan. We were hired based on our previous travels to the region and relevant audience market, and were employed to test and document new tourism initiatives organised through the national tourism board, Discover Kyrgyzstan.

2016 was the first time Discover Kyrgyzstan had embarked on a destination marketing campaign with influencers and content creators, and we were among the first group selected. We travelled to the up-and-coming town of Jyrgalan to map out a new trek, then attend the second annual World Nomad Games as press, the largest cultural and sporting event in Central Asia.

In 2017 we returned to mark additional trekking trails in Jyrgalan, and experience and give advice on new tourism products around the eastern part of the country. This was a bespoke campaign crafted specifically for our audience and based on our work experience.

The photography captured during the years has been licensed to be used on new websites and brochures promoting the towns and regions visited.

These two campaigns have been integral to the growth and development of tourism in Kyrgyzstan, alongside the other destination marketing initiatives Discover Kyrgyzstan has utilised.

In 2018 we custom designed two photography and adventure tours to Kyrgyzstan, which sold out in record time. These trips will bring new visitors to the region, who will go on to become ambassadors for tourism in Kyrgyzstan. 

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