Selena Travel

Content Creation And SEO

After a successful influencer partnership in 2015, Mongolia’s leading high-end tour operator, Selena Travel, reached out to us to enquire about improving their digital marketing game.

Our team created a series of Mongolian-focused and optimised content to be published on Selena Travel’s outdated blog, and each piece was written for best SEO practices and allowed for strong internal linking.

After strategy discussions were held, Selena Travel set up a publishing schedule and social media marketing push for each article, and has since seen website traffic and customer enquiries soar. The information provided on their website is now updated for 2018 and greatly assists potential visitors to Mongolia in planning their travels, and this leads to direct bookings for Selena Travel’s tours.

Additional consultations highlighted weak points in the overall SEO structure of their site and, under the guidance of Peak Evolution Media, the Selena Travel development team have been implementing the changes to improve long-term visibility for the business in search engines.

This is an ongoing project and we look forward to working with Selena Travel in the months to come.

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