Influencer Marketing
"84% of companies plan on working with a social media star this year."
- Mediakix

Real influence, real marketing.

The digital marketing space has changed drastically in the last 5 years. Gone are the days of needing huge advertising budgets to put your destination or brand in front of millions of eyes in the hopes of finding the right customers. Now you can hire influencers to do the job for you, and gain access to their legion of loyal, targeted followers.

It’s the current buzzword amongst agencies and destination marketing organisations, because when used correctly influencer marketing can be one of the most cost-effective and powerful forms of advertising available.

Influence marketing is like word-of-mouth advertising from your friends, and people trust the opinions of influencers more than traditional print or media advertising. This type of marketing is our bread and butter. We know and understand it better than most agencies, because we sit on both sides of the fence. We’ve hired influencers for marketing campaigns, and been hired as influencers for marketing campaigns.

When investing in influencer marketing though, there are plenty of mistakes to be made. It’s easy to get blindsided by big numbers, but the truth is terms like impressions, followers and reach mean very little if it’s poorly targeted. Hiring an Instagrammer with a million followers doesn’t mean a million potential customers looking at your brand or destination if that influencer is the wrong fit. That’s where we come in.

Our team works closely with DMOs, tourism brands and digital agencies to learn about your marketing goals, and to then source and manage the best influencers in the industry that will provide maximum ROI. We have access to a huge pool of influencers, from travel to fashion, tech to lifestyle and everything in between, and will help you hire the right ones for your project.

Each influencer is carefully vetted and analysed before being hired, and their platforms and engagement is scrutinised, not just for the high numbers that brands want to see, but most importantly for quality and relative content. 

On the other side we also work to ensure the influencers you hire are properly looked after. We know what influencers want and need to produce the absolute best content, and it’s our mission to even the playing field and make sure they are just as happy with the end outcome as you are. 

Whether you want to employ one niche influencer to promote your new product on Instagram, or hire 20 high-profile social media stars to create content in your destination and showcase it to millions of people, we’re ready to make your next influencer marketing campaign successful, innovative and fun.

"67% of marketing and communications professionals engage with influencers for content promotion."
- eMarketer

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